Evolution of Esports Uniforms

It’s no secret that esports has grown a lot in the past couple of decades. Prize pools have grown. Players’ skill has improved. The world of esports has grown, adding more video games and more leagues internationally. It’s not surprising that the uniforms have also grown.

In the late 90’s and early 2000’s, teams were wearing T-shirts and hoodies of their choosing and jeans as their uniforms. Competing for hundreds and thousands of dollars instead of hundreds of thousands of dollars that they’re competing for now.

Later in the 2000’s, as esports was getting bigger, teams wore T-shirts with more design along with the team logo coordinating with the teams color. Still with jeans. By the time the first televised esports event happened in the late 2000’s, teams had more decorative jerseys with stripes and color.

Now to today in the future, many international teams have opted for more of the areas style. Many European teams wear fashionable polos with team designs and colors. Some top Asian teams have traded their hoodies for more stylish windbreakers that show off their team logos.

The regular team uniforms have now evolved to a more athletic style. Trading the regular cotton T’s and hoodies for tighter, form fitting synthetic jerseys and athletic shorts. Decorated with team designs, logos and sponsorship decals. This is for most teams, especially now with more professional sports teams, from soccer teams around the world to NBA and NFL teams in America, getting involved and sponsoring esports teams.